5 Myths About Men that are 100% Untrue.

1. There are such things as “girl business” where only your mom or other older females in the family should help you with

Daughter to a single dad here…

There was this myth I discovered when I was young. It’s something almost all my female friends were told, but thankfully not me. The myth is the belief that there are such things as “girl business” where only your mom or other older females in the family should help you with.

As the only girl in the house growing up my dad helped me understand and deal with a great many “girl business” problems. Meanwhile all my friends had their moms to handle it for them. When my friends found out my dad was sort of in charge of handling those with me they were shocked. They asked me why I didn’t have an aunt or grandma to help instead. Well, my aunts all live at least ten hours away and grandma is even further.

I began to realize over the years that there might actually be negative side effects to this “girls only” way of thinking. Sure, having another female assist you with those issues might be less awkward and embarrassing, but there’s already an inherent awkwardness and embarrassment associated with it. Learning to overcome the embarrassment is part of growing up and accepting your body.

Furthermore, I have since grown up and began studying psychology, and done some research into this further for my studies. I’d have to do a more in depth and wide reaching survey and analysis to come to findings I’d be comfortable with being peer reviewed, but I have a theory that the “girls only” mentality causes relationship issues later in life. Young girls grow up thinking that there are some aspects of womanhood men not only don’t understand but can’t understand. It makes them not only less trusting of male partners, but also keeps them from seeing man as equals when it comes to parenting.

Sure, if you’re a mom of a young girl there’s no reason for you to not continue helping her with all the complex feminine issues she’s going through. Just be careful not to make her think her dad doesn’t empathize or understand too. Don’t make him this distant third party who will never get it, or someone who should not be involved because he has a penis. That’s the same toxic female attitude that causes soccer moms to call the cops on a dad when he takes his daughter to the park to play. Men can parent too, and they’re surprisingly good at raising young girls on their own.


2. We’re all not interested in or incapable of being involved in the planning of our weddings.

I cannot tell you how many comments like “Remember, it’s her day, not yours!” I received during the 2-year lead-up to our wedding. I’m not going to lie to you and say I’d been looking forward to getting married since I was 12 or something but I took an active interest together with my wife in the planning of our wedding. “It’s not my day, it’s hers?” Fuck that. It was our day. We planned it together. Her vision definitely brought it all together and she did a fucking astounding job, but she didn’t just make decisions on her own, we talked together about and worked together on every single thing involved in the event; and we were both ecstatic with how it turned out. It turned out beautifully. I try not to toot my own horn very often but I never thought the best party I’d ever go to would end up being my own!

My own parents (who are in an incredible, cooperative, supportive, happy married relationship, and are the best parents I could have possibly asked for, for the record) gave me grief about this sort of thing when I was telling them that if/when I get married, I want a smaller, not-exorbitantly-expensive wedding. They both (especially my dad) insisted that my hypothetical fiancee would be the one calling all the shots.

Smaller is the way to go. The current wedding industry is fucking predatory with the amount of money they expect a relatively new couple to spend on what is ultimately a glorified party.

Financial issues are a prime reason why people get divorced and what does our society do? Immediately saddle the new couple with a huge financial burden because its “expected”. Fuck that shit.


3. Men just wait around for a woman to inform them that they are now dating.

I’m not trying to claim that women come up to me in bars especially often, but on the rare times they do, there is a definite sense of, I am under no obligation to actually attract you as a mate. I exist and am female, and therefore by default you want to date me. Once, when I tried to politely decline, the woman chastised me in the bar for five minutes demanding to know what my excuse was, what reason I could give her. She simply assumed that the default was that I, as a man, want to date any woman, and that I have to justify not being attracted to a specific one.


4. The only reason men exist is to meet the needs of my family.

In the span of 8 months I moved my family to their reservation, Bought a car and truck, restored a trailer, rebuilt the motor to my truck, bought my son a motorcycle, plus met every want my wife and son had. All while working six days a week. After seven months I snapped, my wife said “I had no idea that you felt this tired”. In that time I took one weekend off then some prick burned my house down. I going on a full year of not taking personal time because of the rebuild. At one point I was skipping showering for a week at a time because I would just drop without warning. Men have limits too. A family should take care of each other not a single person taking care of the family.


5. All men are creeps. 

All men are creeps. A few arseholes ruin it for the rest of us, and now some poor random guy is getting arrested for pedophilia because he was watching over his kids on the playground.

The other one that bugs me is the assumption that men don’t care about their children. People see a guy with his children and are all like ‘Oh, Mommy must be busy, are you having fun babysitting?’ No, he’s spending time with his kids, like any good parent, you fucking arsewipe.

I did not mean to imply that my first paragraph is common or that all pedophiles are innocent, and I apologize for all of the issues this had caused. I am no longer going to answer comments because apparently every time I do I put my foot deeper down my throat, and believe me, that’s not the deepthroating I want to do. Every time I type out another comment I seem to tarnish my statement worse, so I shall no longer be responding to comments on this thread. I am deeply sorry for all the problems this has called, and if you wish to continue to talk with me, my inbox is open. Sorry, again. I’m just terrified that as a nursing student if I hug or comfort a crying child, I might get labeled a pedophile, and lose all my dreams.


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