A Typical Day in My Life

My Day start Early Usually around 3 Am but these days I have a new schedule, I wake up at 4 am, freshen up, have my (first) cup of coffee which I enjoy along with a 20-40 mins of early morning sitcom, I am watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” these days, usually I watch 90s sitcom. Then I take a warm bath and while I am feeling the refreshed I start off with work.

These days I am working on blogging so I spend my morning working on my multiple blogs. At around 9 or 10, i have lunch, yup at 10 fuckin’ am 😛 i have my lunch and followed by that i walk for around 40 mins to 1 hour. Then i have another cup of coffee and continue work again until around 6 PM thats when my brain finally give up and refuse to work any longer.

At 6 i have dinner and binge watch some more sitcoms or tvshows until around 7:30, At 7:30 i walk for another 1hr or sometimes even more and when i am really tired, i watch some tvshows again for around 20-30 mins then i go to sleep. Thats what an average day in my life is like as of now 🙂

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