Daily Hustle #01 : A New Journey Begins

After Failing and Succeeding over and over for around a whole decade here I am starting a whole new journey from today, This one is a pretty straight forward journey, Basically ill be creating fresh content, will promote it on Pinterest and try to generate revenue off AdSense or from any other ad network that’s equally good. Sounds easy but there is a lot to it.

I’ve created blogs in 3 niche: Humour, Love and Motivation. Cause right now these are the things I am most interested in and would definitely love to keep myself immersed in these 3 emotions. It’s easy to start off with something but sticking to it for a long time, that’s a big challenge but if I am able to stick to these for at least around 6months toa year then I think I have a fair chance at generating some decent profits off it.

This is the short summary for today, I will keep you guys updated in detail in regards to all the hurdles I will face in the upcoming days and the solutions I implement to it. Hopefully, this will be an interesting journey.

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